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  2. One year of complimentary SMS marketing ($8,500 value) to boost customer loyalty and increase repeat orders

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Terms & Conditions apply. Must be a restaurant owner, new customer, and have completed a discovery call to qualify for a free trial. Limited quantity available, sign up by 3/31/24.

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Trusted by 2500+ restaurants in North America 

Let Wonders Treat You This Season

Receive an exclusive holiday offer:

  1. One month of Phone Ordering with Delivery service – free!
  2. One year of complimentary SMS marketing ($8500 value)
Fill out the form to learn about Wonders and kick start your 1 month free trial

Terms & Conditions apply. Must be a restaurant owner, new customer, and have completed a discovery call to qualify for a holiday gift basket. Limited quantity available, sign up by 3/31/24.

Trusted by 2500+ restaurants in North America 

Wonders is North America’s leading Phone Ordering with Delivery service. We’ve been the secret sauce for thousands of restaurants for more than a decade. 

Boost Revenue by 20%

The operators at Wonders promptly attend to calls on unlimited lines, ensuring seamless service round the clock. Rest assured, not a single order slips through the cracks, even amidst peak hours, thereby bolstering your order volume and frequency.

No Labor or Operational Costs

With Wonders, our Phone Ordering and Delivery service are seamlessly integrated. We handle all the operational work, from order intake to doorstep deliveries—saving you from paying for training and managing additional staff. 

Find Your
Stress-Free Flow 

Every moment counts in a restaurant, and phone orders can divert your attention at critical times. With Wonders, those stressful moments are a thing of the past. Our multilingual operators handle every phone order with accuracy, patience, and a smile, so you can focus on what you do best—feeding your customers. 

Keep Customers Coming Back for More 

Wonders Phone Ordering with Delivery ensures that your customers connect directly with your restaurant, fostering a more personal and rewarding experience with every order. They receive great service, everyone avoids sneaky fees, and you’ll never again lose sales to other platforms. 

Join the ranks of our happy customers who have witnessed a 20% increase in revenue!

For a limited time, get 1 year of free SMS marketing to help promote your restaurant ($8,500 value), plus marketing and promotional support to grow your customer base & increase orders.

There’s zero risk: no contract required, start or stop services anytime. 

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How does Wonders Phone Order + Delivery Service work?

Step 1

Your customer calls your restaurant to place an order.

Step 2

The call is automatically
transferred to Wonders’ customer service center after one ring.


Step 3

A trained operator takes the order and confirms if customer would like pickup or delivery


Step 4

The restaurants’ machine(s) automatically receives and prints the order details

Step 5

Customer picks up order or a driver picks up the order and delivers to customer


Restaurants are struggling to keep up with customer delivery demands, find and manage delivery drivers, and reduce delivery costs.

That’s what we’re determined to change. We’re the first company to help restaurants handle phone order and delivery, so restaurant owners can thrive instead of just survive. 

Our service can help you solve these challenges:
* Meeting customer delivery demands: Stop losing business and disappointing customers by offering phone order + delivery.
* Hiring drivers: Eliminate the hassle and cost of finding and managing delivery drivers.
* High delivery costs: Reduce costs incurred from platforms.

Wonders provides a self-developed server system with a lifetime warranty. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can install it easily yourself.

We currently cater to American Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Cajun restaurants. 

Every order is handled by our dedicated customer service team – not automation. Our team is fluent in English and Spanish and has undergone rigorous selection and training to meet our high standards.

The pricing plan will be subject to your restaurant’s specific circumstances. Call 888-235-3718 to learn more about our pricing plans.

We partner closely with multiple delivery services in large order volumes to ensure the highest service quality, and we pass the savings on to you.

Currently, Wonders delivery service only supports phone orders. But stay tuned – we’re always innovating to make running your restaurant easier and more lucrative!

Limited-Time Offer:

Get One Month of Wonders Phone Ordering with Delivery Service Absolutely Free!

Kick off next season with a surge in sales and customer satisfaction. Be among the first 100 restaurant owners to sign up before March 31, 2024, and enjoy a month-long free trial of Wonders’ Phone Ordering with Delivery service.

During this month, you’ll experience: 

Multiline capability to ensure no customer calls are missed

Industry-leading order accuracy for delighted repeat customers 

24/7/365 English & Spanish speaking operators 

Revenue boosts for peace of mind in the new year

Want to learn more about what Wonders can do for you?  Fill out the form or call 888-235-3718. There’s no risk: cancel anytime and never sign a contract.

  • Enjoy a 30-day free trial upon activation
  • A refundable $500 hardware deposit is required; we’ll promptly refund your deposit upon return of the equipment.
  • One month free trial of phone ordering + delivery service must be used together—services cannot be separated

 Or Call 1-888-235-3718

For over a decade, Wonders has been trusted by 2500+ restaurants, from local gems to thriving small chains.

“One of the secret sauces to my continued success in opening new restaurants is Wonders. Every time I open a new restaurant, Wonders makes it easy for me to hire staff. When I hire cashiers, I always tell them that they don’t need to worry about answering calls. Wonders takes care of all phone calls, so cashiers only need to focus on packing orders and processing payments. With Wonders, I’ve seen a 33% increase in my phone orders.”

– Dragon Family 

“We’ve partnered with Wonders for eight years and our business has prospered. Our revenue increased by over 50%, and our customers are so satisfied that we see a huge increase in repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Wonders is professional and responsive, and they regularly check in with us. They feel like an extension of our team.

– Yama II Sushi

“Unlike other online delivery platforms that require multiple rounds of communication to get an issue resolved, which is slow and inconvenient, Wonders has a great customer support team that responds very quickly!. Their delivery drivers also arrive on time and can deliver to much farther distances. ”

– Kanji Sushi Habachi